About Us

Dr. Rodman is clinic director of Rodman Natural Health Solutions.  He has practiced healthcare for over 40 years in the Susquehanna Valley. After an almost fatal heart attack, Dr. Rodman and his wife, Christine saw the need to help people get well naturally.  They are now dedicated to helping people get healthy, lose weight and keep it off.
Rodman Natural Health Solutions was created for you.  We love to see people achieve their weight loss goals. We want this process to change their lives including a healthy life style for their entire family. Watching our clients transform is our passion and is truly what keeps us motivated to help more and more people.

We are committed to:


*  Making your health a priority

*  Introducing you to whole foods, cooking & eating ~ (we have cooking classes monthly)

 * Teaching you the value and use of whole food supplementation

*  Teaching you how to reduce stress

*  Teaching you how to avoid environmental and food toxins

*  Helping you discover some of the underlying causes of weight gain and how to correct them

*  Helping you stay motivated and achieve dramatic results

*  You are never alone in this office